House Rules


1. The campsite House Rules help protect the interests of all guests (hereinafter: campers) at the campsite.

2. These Rules prescribe the code of conduct when using the campsite accommodation services, as well as how to use camping equipment.

3. The Management of the Lighthouse campsite kindly asks dear campers to abide by these House Rules in order to protect common interests.


1. Upon arrival, the guest is obliged to check in at the campsite reception. When checking in, the guest is required to submit personal documents of all persons staying at the campsite for the purpose of being entered in the Guestbook. Only guests and camping equipment that are checked in at the reception may be accommodated at the campsite. The campsite staff has the right to perform daily supervision of the pitches and guest identification.

2. At check-in, the camper will receive a magnetic card for the entrance and exit ramp. The card, which may be used only for one checked in vehicle, will serve to enter and exit the campsite and use the sanitary facilities. The card should be well kept from loss or damage. In case of losing or damaging the card, the camper will receive a new card and will be charged according to the price list.

3. New guests may check in between noon and 9.30PM. Guests arriving later must wait at the night parking lot until 7.30AM the following morning. The night parking lot is charged according to the price list.

4. Campers may check out until noon. If campers wish to leave the campsite before 7.30AM, they must park in the night parking lot and settle the bill the day before.

5. Before finally leaving the campsite, the camper must check out from the campsite and pay for the services and fees.

6. Visits are allowed only if visitors check in at the campsite reception. Visits longer than two hours will be charged according to the current price list of the campsite. Visitors are required to leave a valid identification document at the entrance. Visitors will be allowed to enter the campsite only if approved by the campsite reception service. Visitors shall leave their vehicle at the parking lot at the campsite entrance.

7. It is forbidden to enter the campsite if not checked in or to let in people who have not been checked in.

8. Up to 6 people can stay on the pitch at the same time.


1. The campsite reception staff shall determine the location to set up campsite equipment and to accommodate vehicles depending on the available camping units within the campsite.

2. Camping is only permitted in the area designated for camping (marked camping units).

3. The camper is forbidden to arbitrarily change the camping location without the approval of the reception staff.

4. It is forbidden to park vehicles (for short or long time) on roads within the campsite.

5. Before leaving the campsite, the camper is obliged to arrange and restore the pitch to its original condition.

6. Parents or other adults are fully liable for the damage caused by minors to persons or things within the campsite. Adults will be held liable for the behaviour of minors, especially if they disturb the peace and quiet of the campsite.

7. It is forbidden to fence the selected camping area, dig channels or set up other fixed devices, as well as any other arbitrary alteration of the environment, destruction of plants, trees and other vegetation.

8. Dog owners are obliged to check in their pets at the reception. Dogs have to be held on a leash and kept in the camping area tied. Dog owners bear all responsibility for any damage caused by their dogs.

9. Maximum vehicle travel speed within the campsite is 10km/h. Pedestrians and bicycles have priority over other vehicles.


1. Campers may use electrical and utility devices and equipment. Campers are obliged to use the devices and equipment properly in order to meet the purpose for which they are intended.

2. It is forbidden to use electrical appliances (stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.) that are not standardized for camping purposes.

3. Washing dishes and laundry is allowed only in the designated areas.

4. It is forbidden to wash cars, change engine oils, etc. at the campsite. 

5. Washbasins, sinks, showers and toilets must be used in a proper way in accordance with their intended purpose, bearing in mind that they are used by all campers.

6. Connecting and disconnecting the power supply (distribution cabinet) shall be done only by an authorized person of the campsite.


1. Campers are obliged to take care of their property and belongings at the campsite.

2. The Management of the Lighthouse campsite will not be held liable for:

– disappearance, alienation or theft of property, devices or camping equipment;

– consequences arising from the use of public devices and equipment at the campsite, which campers are using at their own risk;

– injuries or other consequences of a fall or getting hurt at the campsite;

– consequences caused to persons and things by weather conditions or other external causes that could not be affected;

– consequences caused by the use of faulty installations, camping equipment or devices.

3. Campers are obliged to report to the campsite reception any damage, malfunction of installations or equipment and any non-compliance with the House Rules.

4. The campsite shall not assume responsibility for missing or damaged property of campers nor for accidents or injuries at the campsite that occur through campers’ own negligence.

5. If you find lost items, please report them and hand over to the reception immediately.

6. Campers who do not comply with these House Rules as well as those who disturb the public order at the campsite or other guests with their behaviour will be asked to leave the campsite. 


1. Campers are obliged to maintain order and cleanliness in their camping area, sanitary facilities and the campsite in general.

2. Waste water from the trailer should be collected in a vessel and not be left to drain into the ground.

3. For solid waste, guests are obliged to use their waste disposal containers at the campsite. It is forbidden to leave and dispose of solid waste outside the foreseen containers.

5. Campers are obliged to pick up, clean and dispose of their pets’ waste in the foreseen containers.

6. Campers are obliged to preserve the plants and greenery at the campsite.

7. It is forbidden to cut or damage branches (by hammering nails) or cutting trees.


1. Campers are obliged to respect the public order at the campsite.

2. Night rest at the campsite is from 11.00PM to 7.00AM hours. During that time, campers are forbidden to set up their camping equipment at the campsite accommodation units or evacuate their camping pitches to leave during the night.

3. During the night rest at the campsite it is not allowed to use motor vehicles or motorcycles. At this time, campers are not allowed to use radio, TV, CD players, musical instruments or to sing or communicate loudly in a way that would disturb other guests and their neighbours at the campsite. It is also advised to respect the period of afternoon rest from 1.00PM to 4.00PM.


1. The campsite is equipped with firefighting equipment and devices that are to be used by all campers and by the campsite firefighting team organised by the Management.

2. It is forbidden to build open fires or hearths, except in standardised barbecue spots. In cases where there is an objective risk of fire, any open fire is prohibited.

3. It is forbidden to bring easily flammable fuels, explosives, etc. at the campsite.

4. In the event of fire at the campsite or in its immediate vicinity, the camper is obliged to report the fire and take part in an organised fire extinguishing action. 


1. Campers are obliged to abide by all the provisions of the campsite rules of conduct. 

2. If it is found that the camper does not comply with the provisions of the campsite House Rules, the campsite Management may refuse to accommodate the camper at the campsite. 

3. In cases the accommodation is cancelled in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of this item, the camper is obliged to pay damages.

Please contact the campsite reception for any further information you may need.

Thank you for your attention and have a great holiday.